The Association for Catechumenal Ministry

Branding & Web Design

The Backstory

The Association for Catechumenal Ministry (ACM) provides training, publications, resources, and consulting services that assist in the implementation of a comprehensive, faithful, systematic, and organic RCIA process.

Since 1998 ACM has been the number one ongoing, self-sustaining RCIA training association in the United States serving the Catholic Church in the faithful implementation of the RCIA.

Despite being around for 24 years, in many Catechetical circles the Association for Catechumenal Ministry is still unknown.

The Challenge

The Strategy


Previous Logo

New Logo

Web Design

Google Ad Grant Management


Print Material

Why it Works

Our approach focused on building relationships. We emphasized solving the client’s key frustrations rather than copy that focused on ACM. The new copy builds empathy and pulls customers toward products rather than pushing products on them.

Updating the visual identity gives customers a boost of confidence that ACM is a quality ministry with quality products. The branding is more memorable and conveys authenticity without feeling dated. We sought imagery that was relational, comforting, inviting, and just feels really Catholic. This was essential for building trust with their emerging markets.

The logo is now recognizable and even stands alone without any additional verbiage. New customers are exposed to branding that uses the “Association for Catechumenal Ministry.” Logo variations with the acronym ACM are used with established clients.

The new colors distinguish the logo, website, and physical presence of ACM from others in their industry.

The new user-friendly font is classic yet contemporary. More importantly, it is legible in both print and digital design.

The new logo sets ACM apart by subtly implying the three aspects that constitute a comprehensive RCIA process:

  • Catechetical – the book.
  • Pastoral- the lamb.
  • Liturgical- the colors.

Everything in the visual identity is now focused on digital-first use while still looking amazing in print.

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