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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
August 8, 2016
Catholic churches and schools can benefit immensely from search engine optimized websites, which help potential visitors find their content easily through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and...
May 26, 2016
There is no doubt that video is a powerful way to engage your website visitors, whether you are a Catholic diocese, parish, school, ministry, or apostolate. Videos communicate more with less , making...
Online Payment
May 19, 2016
For three years, I directed adult formation on the parish level in Texas. Thereafter, I spent five years directing Evangelization, RCIA, and New Media Outreach for the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento...
Catholic Evangelization
May 12, 2016
Long before Pope Benedict XVI was pope, he was Cardinal Ratzinger. Early in Ratzinger's theological career, he had an experience that changed his preaching. Ratzinger sent one of his theological...
Desktop Computer
May 5, 2016
In the 1990's (yeah, a long time ago), we had few options available to us to present content effectively on any given website. For the most part, website editors created many standalone pages and...

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