San Antonio Coalition for Life

Branding & Website Design

The Backstory

Cathy Nix, Executive Director of the San Antonio Coalition for Life, knew her Sidewalk Advocates needed more than a simple flier to engage with the public.

The women their Sidewalk Advocates talked to daily were looking for split-second solutions to their need for things like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD/STI tests, and information on contraception, abortion, and the new Texas Heartbeat Law.

Cathy had an idea for an online referral service that connects women with free and low-cost reproductive healthcare services in the San Antonio area.

She knew they needed a website that conveyed professionalism, compassion and understanding. It would have to quickly and easily connect young women with the resources they needed, while visually conveying an emotional connection with the people they serve. She realized they didn’t have the technical know-how or the design-savvy to make her dreams a reality.

Cathy wanted a team of like-minded, passionate creatives to help her translate her ideas into reality and make a lasting impact in the lives of these young women.

The Challenge

The Strategy

Research and Strategy


New Logo

Logo Variations

Site User Experience and Web Design

New Website

Print Design

Why it Works

The sleek, mobile friendly, welcoming website communicates empathy and understanding. It looks professional and connects young women with the reproductive health services they need.

The site treats the end-user as the intelligent and savvy young woman she is. It serves her the information she wants while empowering her to make informed decisions about her pregnancy based on all the facts.

The design uses soft colors to convey a sense of welcome. Instead of images of women holding babies, the design favors images of happy and capable women. A woman will feel equipped to make an informed decision, not pressured into a pro-life agenda.

One of the best features of this site is the dropdown menu that appears in the header of the homepage. This menu promptly connects the viewer with the specific service she needs.

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