Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry

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The Backstory

For over 25 years, Debbie and Vanessa have helped lead people back to Christ. Their ministry has been a source of reconciliation and healing. They accomplish their mission through hosting retreats and by selling religious goods that aid in healing and spiritual defense against the enemy. 

As a Private Association of the Faithful, OSMM provides access to blessed and exorcized religious goods. 

In 2020, restrictions on in-person events limited their ministry. Additionally, in-person events had become more exhausting after 25 years of service. 

With fewer retreats, OSMM saw reduced revenue. They needed to find new ways to support their ministry, including reaching younger audiences. They knew a website update was necessary.

They also needed a more streamlined way for their customers to place orders, due to an increase in sales. They wanted to make sure they were being efficient stewards. 

OSMM needed a tech-savvy guide to take these efforts under their wing. They wanted to reach more Catholics and share the blessings that so many have found through Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry. And so, they set off on a journey with us to revamp their digital presence and rebrand for greater impact. 

Debbie and Vanessa of Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry

The Challenge

The Strategy

Brand Refresh

Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry stacked logo

Web Design

OSMM Homepage

eCommerce Email Marketing & Social Media

OSMM Branded Email

The Results

OSMM has seen a significant growth in the following areas since OFM began managing their digital marketing strategy.


Lead Generation

Website Pop-up Form

Why it Works

The substantial growth of OSMM highlights the success of well-planned intentional digital marketing strategies.

The success of OSMM’s brand refresh and eCommerce efforts can be attributed to several key factors. 

Updating eCommerce storefront, focusing on email marketing, and refreshing their branding has resulted in steady audience growth and an increase in the Lifetime Value of customers. 

Email marketing has proven to be a self-sustaining revenue generator. It plays a crucial role in boosting sales among an already established audience while scaling that audience manageably.

By focusing on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, OSMM now has a more seamless and enjoyable shopping environment, ultimately fostering greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

OSMM remains committed to its ministry while increasing their revenue.  Through their store they continue to promote healing, mercy, and spiritual growth. Their dedication in supporting individuals on their spiritual journey highlights the intentional impact of OSMM’s efforts beyond mere business success. 


Through strategic rebranding, eCommerce enhancements, and a focus on email marketing, OSMM has not only revitalized its digital presence but also strengthened its ministry impact. As the team continues to discern God’s call for their ministry, OSMM remains poised for continued growth and success in the years ahead.

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